Is there a

B I R T H D A Y or E V E N T

Coming to your Family ?


P A R T I E S!

Now with Marguerite!

In local schools, kids LOVE music with Star Tom. Imagine having Star Tom visit your party to sing! Even better, Star Tom has joined with Marguerite of Marguerite’s Melodies to create the best birthday fun! You’ll have more fun when you see Marguerite bring “Sam the Fish” swimming out for Star Tom’s Sad Fish Song, or you hear her beautiful harmonies, or you see her lead the motions for the song while Star Tom plays.

“Star Tom” means joy and inspiration, so call Star Tom today and turn your party into a celebration!

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(707) 433-1895

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Star Tom offers many services that can bring joy and inspiration to your life; performing for weddings, grown-up parties, business events, etc. Star Tom also offers folk guitar lessons, house concerts, custom songwriting, inspirational house calls, and a variety of creative design, retail, and educational services.


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