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The Happy Day

Animals run, they sniff, they run.... What do they smell? Why are they running? What will they find when they arrive?

The Happy Day is a delightful book for "readers" from preschool through 1st grade. This simple, joyous tale is a winner of the Caledcott Award for children's picture books. The animals are comforting, amusing and engaging all at once.

I use this book in preschool music circles, where it never fails to bring smiles around the room. It has also been a favorite with my own boys.


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The Happy Lion

Another Caldecott Award winner. The lion is perfectly happy visiting with friends in his cage in the the middle of the small French park, until the day when the door is left open and the townspeople begin acting strangely.

Children love this story because the lion is so civilized and lovable, and because the day is saved by a boy and his sensible friendship.

Oneaday Reason to Be Happy

Every day there are reasons to be happy. Abraxis the talking Dolphin helps remind the main characters and all the world of this wonderful fact. Gently illustrated and thoughfully written, this book offers examples of finding the good in TODAY.

Appropriate for ages 4 to adult!


The Happy Book

Full of hands-on fun!

Appropriate for Toddlers.


There are hundreds of other books on Star Tom's Bookshelf. Watch for more postings! Until then, here is a list of Tom's very favorite titles.

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